Case Study // TVC
Kampagne 2022
The very first project with our newfound friends over at Ackermann (Switzerland) has a special place in our hearts. With an immense focus on Set Design and Art Direction we created a total of six wacky settings, all of which consist mostly of real Ackermann-products.
  • Director
    Rupert Höller
  • DP
    Adrian Bidron
  • Producer
    Amy Kempel
  • Client
  • Agency
    Scholz & Friends

Ackermann -
Autumn & Winter

Discover how we helped Ackermann promoting their online shop in a successful transnational campaign by turning an empty apartment into a 90's household and a garage into a fondue dinner space.

Understanding the assignment.

The client wanted us to create two spots, one for autumn and one for winter. Both being a juxtaposition of different settings, some weird, some almost magical.

We were approached by the creatives at Scholz&Friends with a roughly outlined concept. Getting us on board early helped providing them with helpful inputs from our in-house creative department and connecting them with the fitting director and DOP for the project.

The films we were about to create needed to be the perfect mixture of weirdness and magic. Several settings were getting developed to showcase the wide variety of products available at Ackermann.

Art Direction

The briefing from the beginning was that the spots should contain as many current articles from the Ackermann website as possible. We ended up ordering over 200 separat items, making sure every single outfit and almost every prop seen in the spots could be bought.

The scenes

Two spots with each having three individual settings meant there were many different locations to be found. With a limitation of two shooting days we had to plan accordingly and find ways to connect these settings without big crew moves in between.

Behind the Scenes.

This project ended up being one of the most enjoyable ones this year. The high focus on Art Direction and Set Design made it challenging, but also very rewarding. Working with an Agency and a Client that both trusted our capabilites helped having a incredibly smooth and problem free process from the very start to the final delivery.

Behind the Scenes - Photos by Melanie Radenkovic