Case Study // Online-Videos
ASICS Global Campaign 2022
The creative Agency Agit8 London got in touch with us to create and produce numerous spots for the upcoming global campaigns of the sportswear manufacturer ASICS. In close collaboration with the berlin based Director Eric Van Wyke we developed ideas to showcase the features of the new shoelines. This case gives you a brief insight into the project.
  • Director
    Eric Van Wyke
  • Client
    ASICS global
  • Agency
    Agit8 London
  • DoP
    Christoph Tilley
  • Producer
    Bruno Broicher
  • Still Photographer
    Peter Hochhauser

Finding the perfect location.

With the production taking place in december, we knew we had to travel south to flee the dreary weather.

After numerous considerations the decision ended up falling on Cape Town in South Africa, combing perfect weather conditions with stunning and diverse landscapes.

Let them fly.

The films had to showcase the boosting power of the new shoe soles. Thats why we came up with the idea to literally let our cast fly. Just for a brief moment, but long enough to feel supernatural. With the help of a contraption, rather than using Visual Effects, we were able to pull our heros several meters into the air.

From Storyboard to final film.

Keeping new formats in mind.

When producing for ASICS, we always have to keep all common social media aspect ratios in mind. Thats why we planned and shot accordingly to have smooth and easy format adjustments.

3 Spots x 3 Aspect Ratios x 3 Cutdowns = 27 Versions

The end results.

Behind the scenes.

Artificial rain, camera carts, a combined crew of MXR and local filmmakers and a total of 4 film and 3 photography days combined made this one of the most memorable projects we've had so far. We're more than happy with the results and eager for whatever comes next.