We're not just a film production Company.
we're filmmakers.

Because we dont just produce films - we make them. We make concepts, we make ideas happen, we make experiments, we make shenanigans, we move on, we make progress, we do things different, we keep going, we finish. We don't just do a job - we do what we love.

We are not just Colleagues.
We are Friends.

Because we share the same interests, the same passion and the same standards: We are not satisfied until a film is perfect. And we are always satisfied. That's why we do a lot ourselves - quite often everything. Otherwise, we work with people who have the same passion and the same standards as we do. With directors, cinematographers, creative directors, makeup artists, copywriters, concept designers and many more, who are only satisfied when everything is perfect.

we have a lot of gear. Including our own camera robot.