Case Study // Online-Video
Closing out our production filled year 2022 for ASICS with yet another big, global campaign. In celebration of the ASICS World Ekiden, we were asked to showcase Tokyo-based artist Frankie Cihi to capture the energy of Ekiden and, following that up, to also shoot with some talented runners in Sydney. Organizing shooting days over 7.000km away from Vienna was a challenge we were more than happy to face and, considering the final film, sucessfully took on.
  • Director & DP
    Christoph Tilley
  • Producer Vienna
    Bruno Broicher
  • Producer Tokyo
    Bob Miyake
  • Producer Sydney
    Izzy Seeto
  • Editor
    Peter Hochhauser
  • Client
    ASICS global


How we interconnected a japanese artists painting with a group of runners, combining their efforts in completing a marathon relay - all while being over 7.000km away from home.

With no agency involved, we took part in every step of the project from the get go.

When working with our direct client ASICS, we don't always cooperate with external creatives, but instead fulfil these services internally - as we did for this project. The challenge this time was finding a way to intertwine painting and running in a way that feels natural and unforced.

Let the images do the talking.

We wanted to give the film a flow-like feel, using matching movements and colors to cut back and forth between our settings. Always suptle, never right in your face.

Far from home.

Shooting across the globe presented us with several challenges to overcome. Jet Lags, Visa issues, language barriers, getting four cameras through several hand luggage checks.
By working together with production companies from our network in both Sydney and Tokio we made sure none of those would affect the outcome and everything would be smooth sailing.

Creating content.

To support the realisation of our creative concept, and also to provide ASICS with as much additional content as possible, we filmed A LOT. A total of 6 hours of raw footage, to be more precise. Rather than just ticking off a storyboard we went for a more broad approach, created different settings and captured them using a wide variety of cameras and lenses - Guaranteeing maximal freedom in the edit room.

This project ended up being a perfect example of how you can benefit from our extensive inhouse production capabilities here at MXR.

Conceptual work, complete planning and execution of the trips and shoots, editing and grading - all from one source.